Experience the Power

of a Hosted PBX

Connect by ShoneServices is a fully-featured Unified Communications solution designed for Business and scalable up to 2,000 seats. Now you can take advantage of powerful UC features, including presence, instant messaging, conferencing, and mobility – all for a low monthly rate starting at $18 for a limited time. 

What’s included

Contact Center
  • 1:1 Messaging or Connect teams instantly with Group Chat.
  • Share files in a private or public workspace for better collaboration.
  • Enable your customers to easily access their conversations from yesterday, last week or any time.
  • Provide active visibility to your customers with Presence Indication.
  • Taking Conversations anywhere on any device.
  • Empower the remote workforce with a scalable and secure Video Conferencing & Meeting Room Solution.
  • Make Collaboration more personal and engaging with HD Video Conferencing.
  • Empower participants with that in-office experience with the visual cues only seen on video while collaborating in shared workspaces.
  • Cloud recordings stored in your cloud or ours enabling easy download and sharing.
  • Next Generation PBX functionality in your cloud or ours.
  • Secure Carrier Grade Platform with Geo-Redundant reliability.
  • Natively integrated with messaging, team collaboration, meetings & contact center.
  • Offer full suite of Mobility across desk phone, desktop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Unified Mobile & Device Experience.
  • Full Integration with Microsoft Teams.

Modern and secure all-in-one cloud native Contact Center

  • Crystal clear voice quality & industry leading reliability
  • Simplified communications with a unified interface
  • Flexible deployment options
  • Endless CRM integrations

According to Metrigy, companies that integrate their contact center with unified communications:

  • Double their revenue
  • 57% improvement in customer experience
  • 37% agent efficiency improvement

Over 250 Integrations,

Including Microsoft Teams!

Open Platform APIs

240+ API’s Enabling Full Control and Extensibility

  • Enable your customers to Take the Office with them using our Mobile App on any smart device (Android or iOS).
  • Launch Audio and Video Calls with a Single click from Your Chat.
  • Place and receive  business calls using VoIP Calling.
  • Move Calls – between desktop, deskphone or Mobile device.
  • Unified Experience on Desktop, Tablet or Mobile.


All the frills, no big bills

Connect by ShoneServices is a Hosted VoIP Phone System based in our Private Cloud, with every feature you would expect from a business-class PBX. Except for one. The price. We keep our pricing lean yet still provide outstanding service levels.

Our Standard and Professional plans come with unlimited calls to the Contigious US 48 and Canada, plus all the features you’d expect from a first-rate phone system. With our straightforward pricing, Connect by ShoneServices provides an easy and managable fixed monthly cost, making managing your operational budget more simple.

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Business-grade features in – or out – of the office

Whether you’re working from home, the office or the beach, you have the choice to take your calls with you. No matter where you are, you have access to your whole phone system.

Receive calls on a desk phone, cell phone, laptop or tablet – or all of them!   Work in a way that is most convenient for you and take advantage of a system that is adaptable to how you want to do things.

 Expect features that you are used to plus more, that work wherever you are, and can be designed to work exactly how you want it to. From ring groups to interactive voice response, small offices to large call centers, we have everything covered with full management and support, 24/7.



One Place for all Unified Communications

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) to most is just another terminology. What is most important to know is that the service you choose has all the features you need for a reasonable price.

Connect by ShoneServices takes care of all your Phone Call, Video Conferencing, SMS and Chat Messaging needs, in one application and with the ability to take them wherever you are.



Works on existing phone hardware

If you have a pre-existing phone system there is a good chance that they are already supported on the Connect by ShoneServices platform and give you a quicker transition to a better service.

Connect by ShoneServices supports virtually all phones that natively support the SIP protocol. Keeping your existing phone hardware can save your business a lot of upfront costs and allows you to invest in new equipment as and when you need it.

Contact us today to find out if your equipment is compatible on Connect by ShoneServices Hosted VoIP Phone System.

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A phone system that works. Wherever you are.


Our hosted phone systems are replicated nationwide on our private cloud data centers, ensuring continuity for your business.

99.99% Uptime

With a guaranteed uptime of 99.99% you can rest assured your business is always available to your customer base.

Full Support

24/7 technical support for assured quality and service, plus management to ensure you get the most from your system.

Multiple Devices

A true work from anywhere solution. Make and receive calls from any device through our mobile app, web browser, or desk phone.


Plans & Pricing

1 Additional charges may apply
2 Terms & Conditions Apply, Subject to User Quantity

Full feature list


$18/month – Up to 10 Users

Unlimited Calling to USA 421
Up to 10 Users
Call Transfer
Local Phone Number
Free Number Porting
Caller ID
E911 Service
International Calling1,2


$34/month – for Small Groups

Everything in Basic PLUS
3-Way Conference
Ring Group
Dial by Name
Message Alerts
Shared line appearance
Auto Attendant
Web Soft Phone
Conference Bridge2
Real-Time Fax2
Voicemail to Email2


$39/month – Most Popular

Everything in Standard PLUS
Call Screening
Global Speed Dial
Remote Extensions
Call park
Busy Lamp Feature (BLF)
Call Blocking (In and Out)
Fax to Email2
Video Conferencing2
CRM Integration2


$65/month – For High Volume Call Environments

Everything in Premier PLUS
Ring Group
Dial by Name
Message Alerts
Agent Management
Call Center Suite
Advance Call Distribution (ACD)
Call Detail Records (CDRs)
Shared Call Appearance
Enhanced Caller ID
Call Recording2
Audio Conferencing2

ShoServ Connect – Full Feature List


Extension User Features

PBX System Features

  • Account Code Tracking
  • Attendant Console (Web Based)
    • Answer Calls
    • Hold
    • Transfer
    • View Extension Presence
    • View Company Contacts
    • Visually Park and Retrieve Calls
    • View Call Queues and Agent Availability
  • BLF / Busy Lamp Field
    • On Device
    • Mobile App Phone (Android and iOS)
    • Web App (Chrome)
    • Web Portal
    • Attendant Console
  • Built in Chat
    • Customer Portal
    • Web Phone
  • Call Blocking (Inbound and Outbound)
    • Anonymous Call Rejection
    • Selective Call Rejection
    • Whitelist
    • Blacklist
  • Call Forwarding
    • Always
    • Busy
    • No Answer
    • Not Reachable
    • Find Me Follow Me
  • Call Logging with Disposition
  • Call Monitoring
    • Barge
    • Listen
    • Whisper
  • Call Notify
  • Call Parking
    • Dynamic Park
    • Static Park
    • Single Button Park and Retrieve with Light Indicator
  • Call Pickup
    • Any User
    • Department
    • Entire PBX
    • Own Call on Another Device
  • Call Recording
    • Always
    • Manually
    • Via Device
    • Via Portal
  • Call Return
  • Call Transfer
    • Attended Transfer
    • Blind Transfer
    • Intercom Transfer
    • Transfer to Voicemail
  • Call Waiting
  • Caller ID Management (Inbound and Outbound)
  • Caller ID with Name
  • CDRs / Call Detail Records
  • Device Auto Provisioning
    • Multiple Vendor Support
    • Bulk Import
    • Remote Device Reboot
    • Custom Over-Rides
  • Distinctive Ring
    • By User
    • By Department
    • By Dialed Number
    • Other Custom
  • Do Not Disturb (Server Side)
  • Extension Dialing
  • Intercom / Paging
  • MWI / Message Waiting Indicator
  •  Music-On-Hold
    • System Default Music-on-Hold
    • Personalized Music-on-Hold
    • Randomized
    • Custom per Call Queue
  • Presence
  • Privacy Features
  • Simultaneous Ring
    • 1 or more SIP Devices
    • 1 or more Offnet Phone Numbers (ie Cell Phone)
    • Answer Confirmation Option
    • Call Screening Option
    • Ring Delay on Entries Option
  • SIP-Tapi Support
  • Three-Way Calling
  • Video Support
    • H264
  •  Voicemail
    • Copy to other Extensions
    • Email Notification
    • Email Notification with Message Attachment
    • Operator Breakout
    • View on Web Portal, Mobile App, Web App
    • Transcription (powered by VoiceBase)
  • Web User Portal
    • Access Levels
      • Office Manager
      • Standard User
      • Call Center Agent
      • Call Center Supervisor
    • Contact Widget
      • User List with Presence
      • Click to Call
      • Chat
    • Full Self-Service Feature Management
    • Inbound Call Handling Rules
    • Screen Pops
      • Answer and Reject Calls
      • Hold
      • Transfer
      • Start and Stop Recording
  • ACD / Advanced Call Distribution
  • Auto Attendants
    • Intro Greetings
    • Menu Greetings
    • Visual Designer
    • Record Greeting from Phone
    • Change Greeting with Star Code
    • Advanced Options
  • Call Center Suite
    • Agent Support
    • Supervisor Support
    • Statistics and Reporting
    • Custom Portals
  • Call Intercept
  • Call Monitoring
    • Barge
    • Listen
    • Whisper
  • Call Parking
    • Dynamic Park
    • Static Park
    • Single Button Park and Retrieve with Light Indicator
  • Call Queues
    • Multiple Routing Options
    • Queue based Cal Recording
    • Play Message to Agent
    • Agent Management
    • Skill Based Routing
  • Caller ID Manipulation
    • Inbound
    • Outbound
    • From Auto Attendant
    • From other Users
    • Per User
  • Configurable Feature Codes
  • CRM Integrations
    • TenFold
    • Mondago Go Communicator
  • Device Inventory Management
  • Department Management
  • Dial by Name Directories
  • DID / Phone Number Management
    • Day / Night Mode
    • Static Routes
    • Time of Days Routes
    • Star Code Managed Routes
  • Distinctive Ring
    • By User
    • By Department
    • By Dialed Number
    • Other Custom
  • Extension Dialing
    • 2 Digit*
    • 3 Digit
    • 4 Digit
    • Almost Any Combination
  • Fraud Detection
  • Group Instant Messaging
  • Hot Desking
  • Hoteling
  • Hunt Groups / Ring Groups
  • Shared Call Appearance
    • Key System Emulation
  • Time Frame Management

*2 Digit extension dialing may require a custom dial plan should it conflict with standard system feature / star codes.

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With a free, no obligation consultation you will find out how much your business can benefit from partnering with Shone Services.

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