The perfect choice

for Fiber Internet

Tailored communication solutions for Businesses and Enterprise


Fiber Internet

Provider Agnostic

We are Channel Partners with the largest communications providers in the US. We provide the best services to fit YOUR needs, from the most suited provider.

Simple Billing

No matter how many services you have, from whichever provider, we make it simple and send one single monthly bill laid out in plain English

Fully Managed Service

All services are fully managed at no extra cost. We are your single point of contact for all setup, support and management of services from any provider

we give you real options

Perfect choice for fiber internet

With access to all the major internet service providers in the United States, ShoneServices can provide the most cost-effective and suitable fiber service available in your area

Fully managed

Up to 10Gbps circuits

Multiple providers


We find the service you need

A SIP trunk provides voice connectivity to the telephone network by only using an internet connection. Based on the Session Initiation Protocol, SIP trunks handle a high volume of inbound or outbound calls using a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) server.


Removing the billing headache

Modern SIP trunks provide superior call quality compared to their legacy counterparts and callers will experience crystal clear audio. Utilizing SIP trunks will also eliminate the need for expensive legacy equipment and maintenance costs, allowing you to invest elsewhere in your business. Legacy equipment can also be a single point of failure, whereas SIP trunks has built-in redundancy and failover. With SIP, your call charges will be significantly cheaper, especially if you opt for the unlimited call plan. 


Solving for all situations

“New customers only”…

You’re out of contract with your current supplier and they won’t improve their prices because it’s for ‘new customers only’. That just sucks.

 Build-out costs too high

You can’t get a good price on fiber because they want you to pay the construction costs to your building. We can help with that.

Complex requirements

If your organization needs a complex setup that requires more than one fiber solution, we can provide the whole package.

Upgrade from DSL & COAX

With more staff working remotely, businesses need to upgrade to fiber meet the bandwidth demands to local resources.




All pricing available by quotation only. Subject to site survey.

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Free Consultation

Find out how Shone Services can ease your pain points, improve your business and help you achieve company goals by providing some Techno-TLC.

With a free, no obligation consultation you will find out how much your business can benefit from partnering with Shone Services.

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